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The number of cruise ships is growing and with that expansion a barrage of options and decisions will be made. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, MSC, Viking, and plus others, have shipbuilders back-logged and the cruising public is experiencing ship innovations which pampers and intrigues. The Clever Cruisers℠ is published to give our readers cruise related travel tips and various other travel tips related to other segments of travel. Our readers can also contribute to the Clever Cruisers℠ section.

The first step to planning a cruise is to develop a total travel itinerary. For starters, button down some basic information, such as:

  • How many are traveling and what are the age groups?
  • Are there any special needs?
  • How many in the traveling party have valid passports? (Under normal conditions allow 60 days for issuance of passport)
  • What immunization updates, if any, are needed before visiting the prospective travel destinations?

Determine what destinations and ports of call are of interest.

  • Caribbean Ports
  • European Ports
  • Pacific Ports
  • Asian Ports
  • Australian & New Zealand Ports
  • African & Mediterranean Ports
  • Mideast Ports

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Is there a designated ship for this cruise? A short list of cruise ships would include:

  • Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas
  • Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas
  • Norwegian Epic
  • Carnival Splendor
  • Celebrity Constellation
  • Carnival Dream
  • Disney Fantasy
  • Sapphire Princess
  • Holland America Westerdam
  • Crystal Serenity

For a broad listing of cruise ships contact one of the agents listed in our agents directory.

Is there a certain level of service desired while cruising?

  • Butler Service
  • Specialty Dining
  • Connoisseur Wines
  • High End Gambling
  • Adults Only Decks
  • Specialty Spas and Treatments

Are there any amenities that would be preferred on-board?

  • Sports Activities
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Exploration
  • Cultural Immersion

Team SailFace® recognizes how the advent of travel planning can sometimes allow for last minute decisions to become the norm. That disposition welcomes the possibility to gloss over the details that would create an inconvenience once the traveler is in motion on the trip. Therefore, we have assembled some tried and true suggestions. Also included in this section is an item check list intended to reduce travel anxiety and lower traveler’s fatigue. This check list can assist in covering all your bases before you leave home.

  1. Determine how many bags are needed. Travelers attempting to stay within the maximum bags allowed without a bag fee probably should be mindful of every item going into the bag. Men can get away with one dark suit, with two changes of dress shirts and two ties. Roll your ties and place them in the pockets of your suit. SuitcaseUnless you determine otherwise, select two of your colognes, wrap them separately in a zip lock bag, then place the bag in one of the athletic socks, then place the sock in one of the shoes in the bag.
    Women (usually more thoughtful), make sure you are actually going to wear what you are packing. Keep in mind you may want to leave room for garment purchases while away from home. Pack underwear, socks, and belts. Count the number of days away from your residence plus two. Under normal circumstances that is a number for selecting the underwear for men. From our surveys and polls women should use the same calculation plus 5.
  2. Packing toiletries is straight forward. Use zip lock bags for tooth paste, brushes, ointments, lotions, perfumes, any and all liquids. Also, pack some extra-large bags for liquid items purchased such as olive oils and distilled/fermented beverages, herbs/spices, and other border entry (customs), allowed food items.
  3. Consider purchases cargo pants to place valuables such as passports and wallets buttoned down in the pant front compartments. Pickpockets consider the back pocket an easy pick.

Alright! The time is almost here to lock the door. Now you can start that thoughtful exit from home. Get ready to see new faces, be emerged into different environments, and the list of anticipations just keep escalating. Sunshine, blue skies or maybe powder packed slopes, here we come. Wow, this trip is going down!

OK already, let’s maCar and Dwellingke one last check. Did you call the bank and credit card issuers to let them know you would be traveling so they won’t lock the specified accounts when out of the normal geo-locations start showing transactions? Did you make sure the dwellings thermostats are adjusted to the appropriate vacation settings? Did you turn the water supplies to the washer on the off position as you turned the hot water heater down to a vacation setting? If one of the vehicles is not garaged, has the garage door opener been removed from the visor? OK, here’s a real good one. Is your passport, driver’s license, and valid auto insurance policy card in your possession? Do you have the correct amount of medicines or supplements for the duration of the trip?

If you applied those tried and true travel tips, there is only one action to executed, lock the door and go have great time. Remember to log-in to SailFace during your travel and let the membership experience some of the excitement. As always this page along with other parts of this publication will be updated from time-to-time:-))
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