Iberville Cruise Terminal

Iberville Cruise Terminal

Iberville Cruise Terminal Montreal, QC H3C Canada

The Port of Montreal (French: Port de Montréal) is a port and transshipment point on the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. On the Saint Lawrence Seaway 1,600 kilometres inland from the Atlantic Ocean, it is on the shortest direct route from Europe and the Mediterranean to North America. It is an international container port that services Toronto and the rest of Central Canada, the U.S. Midwest, and the U.S. Northeast.

The port originated in the historic area now known as the Old Port of Montreal.Over the years, the Port of Montreal expanded eastward along the waterfront. In 1978, the Port of Montreal ceded the area now known as the Old Port to the Old Port Corporation, a public corporation responsible for developing tourism and recreational activities in the area. The site is now a cultural gem and a major tourist attraction, having been enhanced with museums, restaurants, shops and water-related activities. Today, most Port of Montreal facilities are located downstream from the Old Port. The Montreal Port Authority’s head office and the multipurpose Bickerdike Terminal are located upstream from the Old Port.

In 2012 More than 2,000 cargo ships visited, with the port handling 28,422,003 tonnes (31,329,895 short tons; 27,973,121 long tons) of consumer goods, machinery, cereal, sugar, petroleum, products and other types of cargo. Montreal also welcomes cruise ships. It is operated by the Montreal Port Authority.

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