Nassau Cruise Port

Nassau Bahamas Cruise Port

Nassau is the capital, largest city, and commercial centre of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The city has a population of 248,948 (2010 census), 70 percent of the entire population of the Bahamas (353,658). Lynden Pindling International Airport, the major airport for the Bahamas, is located about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) west of Nassau city centre, and has daily flights to major cities in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The city is located on the island of New Providence, which functions much like a business district. Nassau is the site of the House of Assembly and various judicial departments and was considered historically to be a stronghold of pirates. The city was named after Nassau, Germany in honour of William of Orange-Nassau. Nassau’s modern growth began in the late eighteenth century, with the influx of thousands of American Loyalists and their slaves to the Bahamas following the American Revolutionary War. Many of them settled in Nassau (then and still the commerce capital of the Bahamas) and eventually came to outnumber the original inhabitants.

Fast forward, cruise ships dock at the Prince George Wharf, which is adjacent to downtown Nassau. The Wharf can accommodate up to 7 ships at the same time, making Nassau a very popular and busy cruise port. This port of call is definitely a port that you must keep track of your time as there is much to do and explore. As you make your way off your ship into town, you’ll pass through the Festival Place Welcome Center and downtown where some of the governmental office is located. There are plenty of shops and boutiques that will encourage your wallet to open on a vast array of goods. Atlantis is on the island which makes some with the ship was there for 48 hours instead of 12 hours. The SailFace staff thoroughly enjoys visiting Nassau and is welcomed by the Bahamians every time they visit.

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