Port of Québec

Port of Québec

Port of Québec Quebec (Quebec) G1R 4M8 Canada

The Port of Québec is the first cruise ship destination on the St. Lawrence. With its welcoming, clean and secure environment, the Port is a destination sought after by the major international cruise ship lines. As soon as their ship docks, tourists are won over by the charm and attractions of the city. Just a few metres from the Ross Gaudrault Cruise Terminal, they can discover Québec through its alleys, its fortifications—the only ones north of Mexico, its architectural heritage and, of course, its smiling people.

With its unique offer and high-quality facilities, Québec has carved itself a place among the world’s top cruise ship destinations. The Port of Québec boasts they are:

  • Most popular destination for cruise ship passengers among the 400 destinations served by Holland America Line.
  • Among the top 10 favourite destinations of Royal Caribbean International cruise ship passengers

The Port of Québec has experienced tremendous growth in the cruise ship sector over the past few years, as the number of visitors increased from 55,000 in 2000 to 180,000 in 2014. The current cruise ship infrastructures are being used at full capacity, and an increasingly large number of cruise ship passengers must transit through permanent facilities.
A growth-generating project for the international cruise ship industry

The Port of Québec has embarked on a $89.5M project involving redesign and expansion of the Ross Gaudreault Cruise Terminal as well as installing a mobile terminal at wharf 30 in the Estuary sector. The project will:

  • Double the accommodation capacity of the Ross Gaudreault Terminal
  • Improve the accommodation capacity for big ships
  • Improve the customer experience with a second terminal that meets international accommodation standards
  • Meet ships’ logistical needs for embarkation/disembarkation operations
  • Increase the capacity of our infrastructures to accommodate 400,000 passengers by 2025

Following an international cruise forum that was held in February 2014, the Québec community expressed the shared goal of continuing growth in this sector to reach 400,000 passengers by 2025. Québec is the main attraction of the St. Lawrence River and must be able to meet the demand, mainly for ships with embarkation operations.

The completion of this project is a crucial step in supporting the strong growth in international cruises that will take place in Québec over the next 10 years. It is a promising economic and tourism project both for our community and for the province of Quebec at large, since it will strengthen the St. Lawrence’s unique position for international cruises.
Source: http://www.portquebec.ca

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